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Our Real Work with
Our Real Clients and Properties

(New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Hammond and Slidell)

Every project is different and every client is special that is why we make our client's lives easier.


City Maids is a quality leader among the many cleaning companies in the industry as we take pride in what we do and what we offer to our valued clients. City Maids has grown to provide REAL DEAL and REAL EXPERIENCE to you and your family with above and beyond cleaning service options to your residential, commercial and Airbnb/short term rental properties. We will continue to lead by example, exceeding our client's expectations.

Our clients are taking advantage of the leading cleaning services offered by City Maids; we want you to have the best possible customer experience with every visit and every booking. Our customers choose us because we provide reliable house cleaning services and we accomplish our goals by having a professional team of cleaners, excellent customer service, flexible schedule, availability and consistent quality inspections.

City Maids residential and commercial cleaning service is very committed to ensuring that our customers can trust our professional cleaning service so that they will be pleased and satisfied.


(New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Hammond and Slidell)

Residential/House/Apartment Cleaning Service

(Regular Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Move in/out Cleaning, Apartment/Condo Cleaning, Post-Construction Cleaning)

We tailor fit the needs and wants of our valued clients in order for City Maids to provide a first-class cleaning job for everyone. We are constantly improving our existing professional and high standard cleaning service and techniques making sure our customers know that we are the absolute best in the cleaning industry, whether you live in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Hammond and Slidell.

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Office/Commercial Cleaning Service

City Maids services are designed to fit your lifestyle and working environment. We are partnered with different construction companies, real estate offices, agencies and a lot more. These establishments and companies trust us in performing consistent cleaning service on a recurring basis. We put our employees into a hard labor training program to ensure each member of our cleaning team has the full understanding of their roles and responsibilities and how it affects the overall performance of the team. 

In addition to the well trained and experienced cleaning crew of City Maids, we do have our amazing customer service available to assist you from Monday to Sunday, an onsite supervisor and a general manager who perform quality inspections, site visits and giving price quotes. Our passionate team members working together in your properties will provide the best results and a high level of cleaning service our customers have come to expect.

Call us for your office/commercial cleaning service


Airbnb and Short Term Rental Cleaning Service

It's the little detailed and personalized touch that makes a difference in how our cleaning teams are viewed, as well as your Airbnb and short term rental properties are viewed by your guests. We are not only performing general cleaning tasks in your properties, we also concentrate on those little and big things that makes our clients and your guests satisfied, amazed and happy to recommend our both services such as:

  1. We will perform a total Airbnb and short term rental exit cleaning for us to prepare your properties for your next guests

  2. We serve as your eyes and ears to your properties as we will be reporting any damages or broken items and most especially if you are low on supplies

  3. We manage your calendars and make sure that you will not miss any cleaning sessions even if you are out of town or on a vacation

  4. We refill stocks in your property such as coffee, toilet paper, soaps, shampoos and a lot more to make sure that your guests are comfortable during their stay

  5. We have our excellent customer service available to assist you from Monday to Sunday and you can treat us as your personal assistant in making sure all the details in your properties are all correct and complete

  6. We do provide 2 FREE LOADS of laundry every cleaning session on your packages

  7. We send pictures every after cleaning session for your reference and protection as well

  8. We have our centralized system for all of your job orders

  9. We have our onsite supervisor who does quality inspections to maintain quality of work

  10. Our team are knowledgeable to navigate any system that you would like us to use

  11. You can also send us detailed instructions about your cleaning checklists

  12. We can perform a same day turn over and make sure that the property is fully ready

We encourage all of our clients to be vocal on their needs and wants because we always provide what is requested. At the end of the day, City Maids understands that you are running a business and your guests' reviews and recommendations are important. These are the things that our City Maids Cleaning Crew is willing to perform and go above and beyond consistently so we can promise superior cleaning service. (WE ARE NOT LIMITED, WE ARE VERY FLEXIBLE SO PLEASE LET US KNOW ANY OTHER DETAILS YOU NEED)

Call us for your Airbnb cleaning service


Get an instant quote, without all the hassle.

Hassle Free!
100% Guarantee.

All City Maids services comes with 100% guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied and if you think there are missed items, simply let us know and we will come back and rectify the situation by providing a free re-clean.



Honest and Efficient Work

Our mission at city maids is simple: to provide high-quality services for our valued clients. Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each project specific needs. Through open communication and exceptional service we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for with our cleaning services. For more information or general inquires get in touch today.




Committed to its customers and community

Quality and Professionalism


Service and results

Passion for people and its employees


Referral Program

Earn your referral CREDITS/DISCOUNTS by simply spreading the good news to your friends, family and neighbors. Share your excellent experience with City Maids. You and your referral will get $25 CREDIT/DISCOUNT on your booking.



Good Gifts for Good Relations

This is the moment of choosing the best gift for your loved ones!

Giving the best gift is the gift of a clean home!

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